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Terms of use is an advertising agency, which provides secure advertising platform for advertisers and publishers on the website

Using the Service require compliance with this Terms and Conditions ( hereinafter ‘the Terms and Conditions”). Your use of tells us you have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully. If you do not agree to all Terms and Conditions of this Contract, then you may not use service.

Terms and Conditions includes all Terms of Service needed for the above purposes. There are the same Terms and Conditions for advertisers and publishers as well. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of any part of Terms of use, at any time without prior notification to the advertisers and publishers. User is required to check regularly the content of Terms and Conditions. User's continued use of the Adcash services means that he accept and agree to the changes.

Membership and Registration

During creation of an account with, User must accept these Terms and Conditions and declare that he is a person aged over eighteen enjoying full public rights. If User represents the legal entity, he declares that he is a legitimate member of this entity.

The account's owner is responsible for use the account, all his activities must be in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and with all others provisions which are the components of Terms and Conditions, such as Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

In the first part of the registration, User must enter the e-mail address and the password. These informations will be necessary to logging into the system. User takes note that he will be the only person using given e-mail address and account in service. User takes note that he will not share his account to the third parties.

After logging in to the system, to fully use the service, User is obliged to complete his profile with his personal data and payment informations. service administration may do not accept User's registration to the specified e-mail address without giving any reason.

User is solely responsible for the correctness and authenticity of any given personal information. Any violation, such as false personal details is the violation of this Terms and Conditions which gives to the service's administration the right to remove User's account from the service. In the case of any undue acces to User's account or other breach of security in Service, User will immediatelly inform service's administration about this situation. Furthermore, User takes note and agree that he will be responsible for all activities that occur under his account. In the case of illegal, fraudulent, offensive activities or other activities which may cause material or image damages to service or to the third parties, administration of reserves the right to suspend, terminate or remove User's account any time, and every User which makes such activities may be liable to prosecution.

User declare that he is solely responsible for all his activities related to service. User takes note and agree, that service cannot assume any responsibility for User's activities.


The account's owner has the access to the statistics in a form of interactive, graphical report. declares that use common methods for the traffic measurements and counting remuneration and costs of the advertiser's campaigns.

Limited license to use grants to User a non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited licence to use the Service to implement the advertising actions. Any commercial or other (not included in these Terms and Conditions) use of Service, will be treated as a breach of Terms and Conditions.

User's licence is valid to the end of the use of Service by the user or to the suspension/removal the account by the service's administration.

The licence ceases to be valid at the time of non-observance or breach of the agreements included in these Terms and Conditions. service administration is not required to inform User about expiration of licence to use.

The general principles and the limits

User of agree to:

  • Exemption of from liability in case of errors in statistics counting. User takes note that all statistics data are subject to anty-fraud controls that optimizes all data included in. This process gives the possibility to present to User the statistics with original data. Furthermore, User takes note and agree, that statistics generated by are the only basis for the calculation of payment and advertising campaign costs.
  • Inform the administration of by sending an e-mail about wish to remove permanently account on
  • Implementation of payments within a time limits determined by administration.

User undertakes to:

  • Observe these Terms and Conditions and every other agreement or regulation included in the service.
  • Do not act contrary to law, decisions, regulations concerning the rules used in advertising activities, financial services, consumers protection, unfair competition, prohibition or discrimination, racism, nationalism and others laws.
  • Do not offer and do not advertise products and services which are counterfeit or which user has no rights to.
  • Do not involve in any fraudulently activities. Also concern the activities which may cause material or image damages to service and third parties.
  • Do not violate the copyright, patents, rights to trademarks or every other property rights and publicity rights and privacy of any person.

User of service undertakes to delete all advertising data when:

  • Advertising data are: defamatory, pornographic and inciting violence.
  • Advertising data are not consistent with existing law, provisions and regulations.
  • Contains false, untrue, misleading informations.

It is not allowed to:

  • Collect or distribute any informations about other users, websites, and use this informations for marketing purposes. The only exceptions would be cases in which persons sharing this informations have a permission from these users and accounts owners.
  • Generate traffic, clicks, hits or any other actions which can generate income in an unnatural way or using an unnatural methods.
  • Create a new account in service in the case where the previous account has been blocked by service's administration because of rules violation.
  • Modify, adapt, translate, prepare derivative works from, decompile, reverse-engineer the service and the website


Text contents, graphic and any other questions related with platform are protected by copyright, trade mark rights and other intellectual property rights. All copying, reproduction and sharing content, graphics and trade marks contained in service is forbidden.

Content of ads

Advertisers are solely responsible for contents emitted through Service's administration is not responsible for the reliability, accuracy and quality of the contents emitted through system by users.


User is obliged to compensate to service all material and image damages resulting from law violations or this agreement violations.

Payment Terms

Payments for publishers are made by wire transfer to the publisher's account within a time limits determined by administration. Conditions and dates of payment may be changed by service administration is not required to inform the user about these changes. A minimum amount for Publisher is 20 USD. Publisher is required to provide correct payment details. If the payment details are wrong, Publisher has to inform administration about it 3 days before processing wire transfer. Publisher has to pay all fees if and when they occur. can, as its own discretion, withhold the payment for whatever reason, having reasonable grounds to suspect that Publisher has violated the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. service's administration reserves the right to setting of the part of amount due to Publisher for violation of these Terms of Use. is not responsible for taxes on a payments made to a Publisher and accept that Publisher pays taxes ( in connection with payments received on the basis of the remuneration for publishing ads of on his own. Service's administration reserves the right to withhold the payment pending the receipt of the necessary tax records by the publisher.

Refund Terms

Refund can be paid only for user who submits a written application to the email address: when:

  • Publisher's campaign is not possible to run because of non-compliance of advertising materials with existing laws or these Terms and Conditions.
  • Publisher stopped the campaign and sent the application to demand refund of the fees already paid. User can send this kind of application only if has violated these Terms and Conditions.

The unused amount of money will be returned to the account from which the payment was submitted from. The only basis for calculating the unused amount of money are statistics generated by system.

Refund request can be accepted only if the application was sent from the same e-mail address used during the registration in system.

Refund will not be accepted if before sending the application Publisher has violated these Terms and Conditions or existing laws.

Objection has no responsibility for any of system interruptions in system. Maintenance works may start at any time. administration is not obliged to inform Users about maintenance works. reserves the right to block publishers accounts, advertisers accounts, advertising campaigns and payments during the violation of these Terms and Conditions. Statistics generated by system are the only reliable and acceptable source of data. Only statistics generated by system can be the basis for any activities related with system.

Force majeure

Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform or delay in performing its obligations under this agreement where such failure or delay is caused by circumstances beyond its responsible control including (but not limited to) natural disaster, civil disturbances, wars or government activities. reserves the right to make changes in these Terms and Conditions. Changes shall enter into force on the day of their publication on website